what I promise to do


Here’s my promise: to show up, be real, get dirty, make some mistakes, have huge celebrations, rejoice in the daily, be brought to my knees by your transformation and successes, laugh a lot, cry a lot, dance, stretch my physical and energetic muscles, and stay committed to your very best life, redirecting you to your intuition when you get off course, and excitedly await you standing in the shoes of your own design, in your own greatness, as your very own Empoweress. 


With a classy demeanor in a fancy restaurant, a quick wit among my fellow professors, a mouth like a sailor digging in the garden, playing barefoot in the rain, quickly attending to a problem with clarity and ease so I can get back to my visionary tendencies, drumming ceremoniously, or dancing soulfully: expect me to be all of this and everything in between. 


Stacy Hoch, Empoweress, MA, CLC

what I'll do for you

As a psychotherapist and certified life coach, with special interest in chakra psychology and epigenetic restructuring, I'm passionate about guiding my clients from a functional state of mind, body and soul, into an optimal state that aligns the three in an undeniably healthy way.


You are the greatest expert on your own life. I'll help you get in touch with that expert. Through exploring kinesthetic body awareness, guided energetic releasing and downloads through visualization, and down to earth objective observation and exploration oriented especially for you, I'm dedicated to my ideal clients aligning each of their trillions of cells in the physical body, with the energetic vibrancy and light of the soul so they can firmly put their feet on the ground into a relationships they find fulfilling, in a body they feel happy to be in, work that pleases them, and conscious states of being that keep them connected to their authenticity. Loving boundaries, clear intentions, a sense of understanding who you actually are, and the will to create what you actually want, are the outcome of anyone who takes me on to share what I've found to be the most time effective, cost effective, and health effective mental and emotional techniques and awareness's I've discovered along the way. I do not share what I haven't personally tested as tried and true.


Working with the ultimate vision of what you want your life (and work) to look like in an unlimited way, we will use your intuitions clues to take actions that lead to extraordinary results.


By learning to pay attention to daily clues, your attention will be drawn to people, things and situations that you begin to choose to be attracted to. When you open to your ideal experiences, they will find you. Being open is just the beginning. By harnessing the power of intuition and developing trust in yourself, you can look forward to dramatic improvements in decision-making, timing and getting results. Your work and life will become more enjoyably a continuous treasure hunt with unlimited treasures.

how we will do it together

I’m best known for delivering raw honesty with a compassionate understanding, an empathetic heart with an ass-kicking, “it’s time to pull up your big girl pants and get honest” sense of humor, with an approachable light with my feet on the ground and head in the sky excitedly awaiting the celebration of YOU! 


I received a message once that said, “I’m having a hard time determining if Koala bears are my spirit animal or you are.” A testament to my unhinged, ridiculously real, animalistic self which pays homage on the daily to the spiritual essence that guides my every move. Intuition: never leave home without her. 


I care deeply about my fellow Empoweresses on a mission to get back to the Self and am moved with such graceful honor to be witness to your transformation, rediscovery, and your inevitable success. You’ll return to the roots of your own practical wisdom leaving that voice in you that’s been silently screaming for years, satiated through our personal sessions, my videos, personal stories, products, and live events. You’ll be made aware of divine timing and know exactly when you’re ready to make your next bold move. 


Whenever I offer a new product or discover something super rad that would eat me alive not to share, my newsletter subscribers get the good word. 

As your coach, I will:

  • Be a partner in bringing out the best, the deepest, and the truest in you

  • Provide safety, encouragement and support; an environment in which you can relax and explore

  • Respect the confidentiality of the agreements we make

  • Expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights

  • Give you input, straight feedback, and operate as a sounding board

  • Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness

  • Be an on-going resource for you in accomplishing your intentions

As my client, you are expected to:

  • Cultivate a core honesty with yourself

  • Commit yourself to intentions that are truly meaningful and significant to you

  • Be open to my feedback, and keep me honestly informed as to what is and is not working for you

  • Take ownership for your progress and your accomplishments

  • Take financial responsibility for your coaching time

Who's a fit?

When inviting new loves into my practice as clients, there are two things that could not be more true: I will commit to loving you wholly and you're responsible for you. I'm responsible for helping you see that in the most loving way possible.


Making sure that we're a great fit is essential.


Here's who isn't a fit for what I bring: Someone who is more interested in using the light in others to feed their own pleasures of the dark, no way, no how, you're officially, uninvited, and: someone who's more interested in being right about why they're so "fucked up" than being responsible for the road to healing. Your trauma may be very real, but I'm here to show you that so is your healing.


I stand at the crossroads of "Heal" or "Hell"  shining a light in the direction of "Heal" for those who are dedicated whole heartedly to their path of transformation. We've been through hell, let's not be interested in staying there.


My kind of people are the wild ones, the trailblazers for generations that want to leave legacies of love stories and empires of joyous memories who've committed to heal more than they're committed to staying in the prison of their own hell. If you're ready to give up the stories that bind you to your incompleteness and step into a power so great you know that whatever darkness comes, it's only an opportunity to practice touching the edges of the power of your own light, I'm your teacher. My students and clients feel viscerally called to study themselves with me, using my eyes and insights to bring them clarity. They're also the ones who're brave enough to trust the call and sign on for their dose of this kind of transformation.

Contact us:   connect@stacyhoch.com

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