Stacy Hoch, Empoweress, MA, CLC

letting love be the source

There's only one right aim, but no right way. The aim, is love. Only a fool thinks their way to it, is the only way. I'm here to help you get out of your own way so you can express your way into the world. When you find it, I assure you, it'll be beyond worth sharing.

That said, here's a bit about my way of being, and the things I've learned intellectually and honed cellularly on my own journey of healing: 

I practice natural, holistic, parenthood with my four kids, from attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, to consensus governance, organic foods, and mindful actions, my household is one of color dosed with a whole lot of truth. I value honoring the seasons of my inner animal so I can honor the experiences my soul came to harness in physical form. I have conversations with animals, plants, and angels, and I'm certain, they talk back. I'm a lover by choice, fighter by necessity, writer by nature, and rebel visionary by nurture who can be found digging in the dirt or game-changing books. 

showing up in love

{a love that's drizzed with a bit of practicality, doused with a "no bullshit" essence & steeped in the practice of universal laws.}

I'm here to put down what I've picked up along the way. 

My passions are rewriting generational traumas into love stories, epigenetics, healing by Truth, mastering the art of the present, plant medicine and quantum physics. 

I'd rather die for something I believe in than live for something I don't.

A light finder, recovering dark chaser, I've hidden in the trenches of ego death and after years of escapism, grounded into my flesh, which healed it all.

I bring a metaphysical twist to traditional psychology teaching in the college atmosphere as well as in lectures and chakra-centered workshops for the non-college student, on and off-line. A witty engagement style and thought provoking stance make even an unsuspecting college student shift from unconscious to conscious. 


I accept committed Empoweress’s (Empowerers) into my private practice when I'm guided to do so. I write for various mindful social media forums and have a personal blog, a periodic newsletter, and am the author of the self help memoir: Imperfectly Sane.

What life has taught me most, like Semisonic says, "Every new beginning is just some other beginnings end," is that the present, is the beginning of our lives. We are not bound to our genes, our past, or the perceptions of others.

Come find you out and begin again, with me.

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