Stacy Hoch, Empoweress, MA, CLC

I could not be more certain that when you step into the innate power you've kept hidden all these years to maintain a sense of safety in the social arena, you will become the bravest, happiest person you know.


I know this because time and time again, I've witnessed courageous, bold choices that claim reign over the dominion over our very best life, move from a terrifying thought trapped inside of a brain that wants to be set free, into daring action that changes everything.


Every day we're gifted with new desires. Desires are gifts calling us into the birth place of our authenticity. Not only do you deserve them, to be in integrity with your truth, you must receive them. Receiving them isn't just a birth right, it's a responsibility.


You want "that" life. A life that's overflowing with soulful expressions of your insides that you'd preach to your children never to settle for less than.


Sometimes you can taste it, feel it, and be it, but then the doubt creeps in.


I can't do that. I'm too young. I'm too old. I'm not enough. They won't let me. I'm scared. Who am I to think I could do that? It's too much.

And again, you find yourself asleep inside of yourself, pissed as ever that you're not waking yourself up everyday, into a life where the power of your love and trust are running the show, not your fears.


You know this pattern because you've lived it much longer than you'd like to admit.


I know it too.


I know what it's like to feel robbed of your own power, to not feel "allowed" to want anything and to not feel deserving of what I do have. I especially know what it's like to want to say "fuck it" burn down the whole shit show and move across the country to get away from the yearnings for something more that I just couldn't find in the clouded situations I kept putting myself in.


When leaving it all behind feels like the best option, I know what it's like to stay. More importantly I know what it's like to transform the present into a situation that doesn't make you want to leave it. From the ground up, I know what it's like to let everything that came before, die, to live in the space between where we are, to where we want to go, and to see myself on the other side, standing with my desires at my heart, into a sense of freedom I'd believed was only for other people.


From shame, abuse, spending years under the thumb of gas-lighting, wondering who's crazy, me or the world, to bulimia, addiction, teenage pregnancy, and a far too early run in with cancer, I know what it's like to be the terrified, people pleasing door mat who's pushed around in doubt rather than coddled in my worth.


I know what it's like to turn my pain into my power. 


Gifted a whole lot of faith, I'm passionate about showing you the same.

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