Stacy Hoch, Empoweress, MA, CLC

Stagnation: the enemy of our passions, it's the very thing that keeps us sick and tired of being sick and tired, annoyed, disconnected, paralyzed and held hostage to a sense of incompleteness.

You've met goals others only dream they'd have the strength to pull off and you're still left unfulfilled with a sense of powerlessness and disconnection you can't quite put your finger on. 

You're hiding, even from yourself. Cloaked by a mask of strength, independence and drive, you somehow feel unseen and misunderstood.

My darling, as poetically as possible I'd just like to say, "F#*k that sh*t."

You're here because it's time to learn to relax into the graciousness of your own skin.

Underneath your self doubt, self sabotage, and desperation, awaits your power, clarity, heart felt self acceptance, deliberate decisions, pleasure, and the antidote to creating authentic boundaries with a whole lot of love.

You are infinite power, waiting to be found out.

If you're looking for permission to grow into who you actually are, the will to show yourself fiercely, and for the cellular memory of who you were before you forgot, you've come to the right space. 

This is the birth place of my blogs, Vlogs, services, and the hub of connecting me with the people who are ready to take on the transformations I'm ready to show up for. Here, I breathe and teach all things self realization, intuition, authenticity and practical boundaries for empaths, in the realms of parenthood & relationships. It's my mission to create, write, and teach things that empower the wounded to heal, love and trust themselves.

Every day, I teach people exactly like you, how to be exactly who you are.

You're not like everybody else. I get it!

My job is to help you own it.


I'm Stacy Hoch. Feel free to call me Stac.

Your soul has a better idea, and I'm here to help you find it. I'm a rebel, visionary, truth finding, reformed psychotherapist turned life coach, soul archeologist dedicated to seeing you materialize a life you create by choice, not by chance.

I couldn't be happier you're here.

"Stacy combines her vast life experience with multifaceted, broad-spectrum training to guide her coaching. She listens with an ear to the unsaid. She questions the how and the what, not the why. Her wisdom is ageless."



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